We build and acquire small, profitable internet businesses.

About Us

We started back in 2012, first as a small software development consultancy, then eventually, as the company behind MobiLoud, our first product. Over the years MobiLoud grew into a complete solution for site owners to build mobile apps and PWAs, with a focus on digital publishers and e-commerce.

In 2016 we launched MixBloom, helping agencies scale social media content creation, combining a scheduling and approvals software with a talented team of content creators.

Today we work to expand our product portfolio through acquisitions of small internet businesses. Read more about the type of companies we're looking for.


Want to sell your company fast and without any broker fees or commissions?

We're looking for small apps and media businesses in the $5-$15k MRR range.

If we're interested, we commit to getting to a close in 30 days.

We're typically looking at bootstrapped businesses led by the founder, generally a product or technical person.

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Areas we're interested in
B2B SaasWordPress pluginsSEO toolsShopify appsSlack appsNewslettersNiche blogs
We're particularly interested in tools and resources that help remote teams collaborate and software that helps ecommerce merchants optimize conversions and work smarter.

Due diligence

Things we'll evaluate:
Tech stackSupport and development needsFinancial statementsWeb and Stripe analyticsSource code reviewCompetition
Our goals

Take your business to the next stage of growth applying our experience, team and resources. Your customers will be well taken care of!

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